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Judith Hardcastle


Committed to transformational ministry, Judith Hardcastle believes the Spirit of God is at work everywhere. She believes that amazing things can happen when people from diverse backgrounds and groups work together to make the world a better place.

Judith was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario where she attended Sunday school at Riverside United Church and slept through some seriously boring sermons in her teenage years. Somewhere along her journey of faith, she discovered that loving God and following Jesus is a joyous, life-long affair.

She has always been proud of The United Church of Canada’s commitment to justice.

Thomas Merton, the 20th century Trappist monk and writer, significantly influenced Judith’s faith formation. As Program Director of the Thomas Merton Society of Canada, Judith leads retreats, workshops and pilgrimage programs on Merton’s life and thought.

Judith served at St. Andrew’s United Church in Golden, BC, in the Canadian Rockies for nearly four years before returning to the Lower Mainland in 2012 to join the ministry team at St. Andrew’s United Church in North Vancouver.

Children & Family Ministry

Tania Veschini and Megan Wolrich


Margaret Hill, ARCT, ATCL

Organist & Pianist

Andrew Wilson

Music Director

Chad Galpin


Paula Pujate


Administrative Staff

Jason Feng

Office Administrator

Susan Cowan


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Volunteer Coordinators

Carol Norwood

Community Lunch Coordinator

Natalie Topnick

Community Drop-in Coordinator

Faye Maddock

Community Garden Coordinator

Phyllis McNeil

Pastoral Care Coordinator

Shabnam Adeli

Community Kitchen Coordinator

Natalie Topnick

Green Initiative Coordinator

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