Frequently Asked Questions

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Car, bus, foot or bicycle?

We have street parking around the church. Many people enjoy walking to church and buses are frequent on Lonsdale (1 block east) or 15th (4 blocks north). HandyDART will also take people directly to our door.

What happens before and after the service?

Come early and listen to the choir rehearse. Start your morning with a cup of coffee ready when you arrive. After our worship time, come downstairs for tea, coffee or juice and a cookie. Take the opportunity to meet others. Ask questions. Make new friends. Connect with someone you already know who happens to be part of our community.

What should I wear?

Wear whatever you are most comfortable in. Jeans are fine. Some people prefer to dress up. We just appreciate your presence.

What happens during service and how will I know what to do?

All worship services are user-friendly; lots of direction is given. Don’t worry! Everything is clearly outlined in our order of service, which is handed to you by one of our greeters.

What does the minister talk about?

You name it. She likes to take the ancient stories of our faith and see whether they have anything to say to our lives today. Generally, she finds that they do! We take the bible seriously, but not literally.

What kind of church is St. Andrew's?

We welcome all who want to explore spirituality and the big questions of life. We believe in a God of love who dreams of peace and justice for all creation. We are a Protestant Church, part of the United Church of Canada.

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Can I participate on a day other than Sunday?

Yes. Check the website for updates on events and activities.

I am searching spiritually. Are questions okay?

Yes. Talk to our minister. She loves to discuss spiritual questions and encourages people to dig deeper into the faith questions that arise for them. We are an inquiring church. New programs begin as the interest arises.

I was brought up In the Roman Catholic/Baptist/Unitarian Church? Is there a place for me?

Yes. Come and try us out. We welcome people who are looking for a faith experience that makes sense to them.

I have little church background. Is there a place for me?

Yes. No one here knows everything. Beginners are welcome on Sundays and at all our programs.

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If I bring an infant in a stroller, can I easily gain access into your buildings?

Our main and lower floor, including our worship space, are stroller accessible. A ramp at the north-east of the building leads into the worship space.

Are children welcome?

Yes, we love their energy and enthusiasm.

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What provisions do you have for people with disabilities?

Our main and lower floors, including our worship space, are wheelchair accessible. A ramp at the northeast of the building enters into the worship space.